Meet Jim and Linda

Offering Transformation, Healing and Growth

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe in the unlimited potential of every person and every relationship.
  • We deem relationships to have the potential to be ever more satisfying, and people to have the potential to be ever more joyful and self-actualized.
  • We also believe that people can heal from the deepest emotional wounding, and relationships that seem hopeless can be turned around so that intimacy and connection may be restored.

Our background is unique in the field of personal growth and relationship coaching. We each have close to 40 years of personal experience and extensive training in the field of personal growth, transformational work and spiritual development.

We ourselves are constantly doing our own personal work, facing our own shadows, both individually and in our relationship. We believe it is essential to the empathic relationship that we create with our clients.

About Jim and Linda

Jim and Linda Brooks are both certified Shadow Work® facilitators and coaches and teachers of the Transcendental Meditation program. Jim brings his training as a psychiatrist and therapist to the transformational work that they do, and Linda brings a background in education and management training. They have been trained and certified by Rich and Char Tosi (founders of the New Warrior and Woman Within training programs) to run their transformative weekend workshop for couples.

Jim is a practicing psychiatrist, a practitioner of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, and an Ayur Vedic doctor. He has published research on post-traumatic stress disorder, and has written several published papers and book chapters on the use of natural medicine in mental health. He is the co-author of the book Ayur Vedic Secrets to Longevity and Total Health (Prentice Hall.)

Linda has degrees in education and consciousness studies. As a management consultant and trainer in her native country of South Africa, she taught communication skills, conflict resolution, change management and leadership skills to all levels of management. She is the co-creator of a series of one-day workshops for women on feminine archetypes.

Jim and Linda are both passionate about human growth and inner transformation. They live and work in Fairfield, Iowa, and offer their workshops and coaching nationally and internationally by invitation.