A Couples Weekend offered by Jim & Linda Brooks

Workshop Experiences

"Simply put, this was by far and away the best thing we've ever done for our relationship! It has made a huge difference in our partnered lives. While there are many aspects to the workshop, most significant for me was that it focused on what we individually bring to the relationship that doesn't serve it, and enlists our partners as allies in change rather than adversaries in conflict. We were impressed by the presenters, the workshop, the take-aways, and the difference it’s made to our relationship."

"The weekend was a big help in transforming some of the unhealthy patterns and reinforcing the commitment to stay connected. Thanks so much for your dedication to helping couples. Your vulnerability with us and your communication of care for us were powerful elements in the training."

"I just wanted to thank you both again and say how much we appreciate you and this work. It has been an amazing and remarkable value to us. It has brought a quality to our relationship that we had ‘misplaced’ and it is bringing an even greater richness to our lives together."

"We want to thank you again for the wonderful couples weekend.  It’s a really well structured class, you are both excellent teachers, and we both feel like we, and our relationship, benefited tremendously from the experience and will continue to do so."

"The weekend is practical, with lots of tools. It can bring significant positive changes to a relationship. It’s a good investment of time and money."

"This course is an excellent way to strengthen relationships."

"This is a great course. It should be in high school curriculums and in colleges. It should be available everywhere."

"The couples' retreat with Jim & Linda was the catalyst for profound changes in our relationship. We feel the transformative process of the workshop was particularly powerful for us, a younger couple. A year or two later, we are certain that our relationship still thrives because we practice the fundamental elements of intimacy we learned from during the weekend, that we had previously often overlooked or discredited. Those who feel their significant relationships to be without value are apparently missing the necessary ingredients that Jim & Linda's seminar so thoroughly teach, in order to keep that balance that makes it all worthwhile."

"Jim and Linda, I just want to thank you both! There is such a huge transformation happening between us. I never thought we could get to this place. I am so thankful for your gentleness and experience. You have touched us both very deeply."

"Jim and Linda, I just want to express my gratitude. The work we have done has and is transforming our relationship and our lives."

"Jim and Linda were fabulous. They were so gentle when coaching us through the most difficult parts so we could keep going."

"You are great, and the workshop was great! Thank you so much!"

"THANK YOU! The work you do is wonderful. Thank you for giving of yourselves this way."

"I would say the tools we learned on the weekend took us out of the dysfunctional mode into functional. We are so grateful, Jim & Linda!"

"THANK YOU for this past weekend and for your good work. My mind and heart are full with all that I learned."

"Just wanted you to know how much we both appreciated your workshop! We both felt like the whole weekend was this powerful rite of passage for our whole family."

"It helped amazingly, exactly where we needed help. It is a beautiful program, beautifully facilitated."

"Linda and Jim, you are both so eloquent and your teamwork is amazing. I really appreciate being witness to your strengths in facilitating and passion for helping couples."

"Such a wonderful foundation for years of fulfilling marriage to come."