Couples' Coaching with Jim and Linda Brooks

Personal Coaching for Relationship Growth

Our personal couples' coaching is for any couple, regardless of their sexual orientation, who want to go deeply into specific issues in their relationship. Our coaching is an organic, unfolding process in which we use a wide array of tools. Our specialty is helping people find their own inner facilitator and healer, so that they can grow in a way that fits for them, rather than have us impose our agenda on them.

Our goal is to equip couples with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the challenges of their relationship on their own. We use a variety of powerful methodologies, including some of the tools we teach on A Couples Weekend, developed by Rich and Char Tosi. These approaches, including Voice Dialogue, Imago Dialogue, Shadow Work®, and relationship education, enable couples to gain meaningful insights into the underlying causes of their issues.

For couples who have already taken our weekend workshop, couples' coaching is an ideal way to enhance the toolset that they gained on the weekend.